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Maison Commonwealth: Dream Team

Written by Abby Bielagus for Boston Common Magazine

What do you get when you take a high-end developer, a rock star real estate agent and two side-by-side brownstones on Commonwealth Avenue? Maison Commonwealth (, the latest venture from Chevron Partners and realtor Beth Dickerson, the team behind Maison Mont Vernon in Beacon Hill. For three decades, the brownstones served as dorms for Bay State College students. And for years after that, they stood before the Back Bay Architecture Commission waiting for approval to be converted into the luxury condos envisioned by Chevron Partners. Now, with Meyer & Meyer architecture, their transformation has begun. Essentially a custom build, everything from the back wall to the roof has been removed, so only the building’s facade remains. The retaining wall between the two buildings also came down to create a rare 45-foot wide space (most buildings in the neighborhood are 18 to 24-feet wide). And finally, an area was dug underneath the building and cement pilings were added to construct a garage for all the future residences.

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