727 Mass Ave

Located in the Heart of Central Square, Cambridge, Chevron Partners seized on the opportunity to acquire a generational asset with unmatched upside in light of recent up zoning due to the Central Square Restoration Act.  727 Massachusetts Avenue, is an exquisite structure that aligns perfectly with Chevron Partners' brand of beautiful historical properties that await restoration and modernization.

The Gaslight Building is a mixed-use development, comprised of retail and restaurant use on the basement and ground level, office on the second and third floor, and hotel use on levels three through six, centrally located between Kendall Square and Harvard Square within steps to public transportation.

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727 Mass Ave presents a big opportunity for a product that addresses the trends in the modern Cambridge market as a national center of technology and innovation.

The expansion of the existing office spaces, renovation of common areas and an addition of a new common lobby, paired with other amenities will increase the quality of the existing office spaces.

The hotel concept of 727 Mass Ave will bring the power of real boutique hotel trendiness and design to the Cambridge Hospitality market, with larger rooms and more in-room amenities.


Property The Gaslight Building; 727 Mass Ave 
Address 727 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
Developer & Design Concept Chevron Partners
General Contractor Chevron Builders
Architect Finegold Alexander Architects
Material Sourcing Adige Design
Year 2017 - 2022

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