The Firm

Chevron Partners stems from a shared vision of integration, innovative design, and effective international collaboration among the various disciplines crucial to extraordinary asset performance. Chevron Partners was founded in 2013 between longtime friends and colleagues, Bostonian developer Marcel Safar and members of the Parisian real estate development firm, Fulton.


Marcel D. Safar, Esq

Founding Partner

John Szum

Director of Asset Management

Jean Guilmoto

Investment Manager

Cheryl Bratsos

Director of Design

Julian Bluemle

Design Development Manager

Joseph Alvarado

Property Manager

Lorenzo Lorniali

Procurement Director and Project Designer

Federica De Biase

Project Designer

Alisa Conneilly

Office Manager

A true boutique firm
Dedicated to an exclusive group of investors and third party clients.

Chevron Partners handles fewer transactions to ensure that each asset benefits from the crucial, wide-ranging experience of its principals, and their critical understanding of the inter-connectedness of all aspects of real estate development as key to successful asset performance.

The Team Brings Together

— Institutional level financial, legal, analytical, property and asset management experience.
— A focus on elegance in architecture and design in close collaboration with integrated construction professionals.
— A top performing track record with over $100mm under management, and over 100 years of combined real estate and construction knowledge.
— Family values of trust, hard work, discipline, and integrity.
— Close collaboration and joint teamwork in a single office to more effectively create value.


Our investment focus is on opportunistic and value-add real estate transactions in the Eastern United States

Chevron Partners seeks to remain a hands-on player through genuine asset-level value creation strategies rather than relying on cap rate compression, or pure financial engineering. Chevron Partners underwrites each transaction as a fee simple owner itself, and commits to align its interests with those of its investors and partners. Chevron Partners seeks to become the best-in-class value-add player in the Eastern United States, offering a diversified range of risk-adjusted top-quartile investment opportunities. Its approach is guided by the partnership's shared values of integrity, boom-or-bust discipline, and a commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship.

Chevron Partners offers the full range of real estate investment management services

— Sourcing and Analysis
— Acquisition and Disposition
— Legal Deal and SPV Structuring
— Property Management
— Asset Management
— Financial Reporting
— Construction Management
— General Contracting (Chevron Builders)