Lorenzo Lorniali
Procurement Director and Project Designer

Email: llorniali@adigedesign.com
Phone: (617) 370 8809

Lorenzo Lorniali serves as Procurement Director and Project Designer at Chevron Partners’ architectural design materials subsidiary, Adige LLC. Previously an architect and interior designer in Venice, Italy, Lorenzo has joined Chevron Partners to work directly with some of the world’s best artisans and manufacturers in Italy and elsewhere in Europe to bring world’s finest materials and products to Chevron Partners’ developments, as a hallmark of the Chevron Partners’ development brand and investment model.  Lorenzo provides the critical link between local construction site staff and the international artisans.  Lorenzo also continues to bring international design experience to Chevron Partners’ developments, ensuring that Chevron’s projects are always at the cutting edge of international design.  From sourcing the newest designer furniture at the Salone del Mobile, to the oldest techniques of hand carving marble and forging decorative metalworks, Lorenzo ensures the exceptional products are properly integrated throughout the design and construction process. True to his European roots, Lorenzo is passionate about design and combining modern style without losing sight of historical timeless elegances. In addition to his experience in architecture and interior design, Lorenzo worked for renowned luxury designers in Italy as digital art director, producing digital models of important design elements. Lorenzo holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from IUAV Institute of Architecture in Venice, Italy.

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