Federica De Biase
Project Designer

Email: fdebiase@adigedesign.com
Phone: (617) 370-8810

Federica De Biase serves as Project Designer at Chevron Partners’ architectural design materials subsidiary, Adige LLC. Prior to coming to Boston, Federica had been working as an architectural and interior designer in Cambridge, United Kingdom, of both residential and commercial projects, and before that in Naples, Italy.   Through Adige, Federica strives to ensure all of Chevron Partners’ developments are at the forefront of design in their aesthetic qualities as well as their innovative characteristics, and that such qualities are properly integrated into project plan development. Federica is passionate about design and high-quality materials and is therefore unrelenting in searching the world over for the finest design materials and most capable artisans and manufacturers to integrate into the design of Chevron Partners’ developments.  Federica believes that the amount of culture, knowledge of design history and skills a designer possesses all contribute to the capacity to provide original, high-quality projects and solutions. Federica has a degree in Architecture Science from Federico II University in Naples, Italy. 

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