Julian Bluemle
Design Development Manager

Email: jbluemle@chevronpartners.com 
Phone: (617) 377-4015

Julian Bluemle serves as Design Development Manager at Chevron Partners. His responsibilities include managing the firm’s commercial and residential projects from conceptual design through the entire architectural design development process.  Julian leads teams of renowned architects, engineers, and consultants to ensure Chevron Partners’ projects respect the brand’s requirements for the highest quality standards and ensure innovative design through the convergence of historic structures with modern aesthetics. Prior to joining Chevron Partners, Julian was responsible for large scale mixed-use projects in Vienna, Austria and Eastern Europe. He brings a wealth of international and wide-ranging design development experience and an interconnected understanding of the many disciplines in architectural design. Julian’s European experience in layering beautiful historical architecture with modern design is the perfect continuation of the development brand Chevron has created for Bostonian real estate.  Julian is actively engaged in the Urban Land Institute in Boston, a nonprofit organization researching emerging land use trends and urban policy issues. Julian holds a Master of Science in Architecture from Vienna University of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts.

Marcel Safar
Founding Partner

John Szum
Director of Asset Management

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Director of Design

Massimo Taurisano
Director of Construction

Federica De Biase
Project Designer

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Office Manager

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Graphic Arts Manager