Maison Commonwealth
The grand, rare, double wide Brownstone on Boston's Commonwealth Avenue is the perfect continuity of Chevron Partners' Maison brand of luxury residences born with its Maison Vernon development on Beacon Hill.

The project will continue to showcase the Maison grandeur and the epitomy of its luxury through exclusively sourced finishes and exceptional quality in craftmanship. Built by the same team as Maison Vernon, including Meyer & Meyer Architects and Chevron Builders, the property will feature residences that span nearly 50 feet wide, and over 2,700 square feet on a single floor, with onsite garage parking.

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Property Maison Commonwealth
Development Manager Chevron Partners
General Contractor Chevron Builders
Architect Meyer & Meyer Architects
Year 2017 - 2018

Sears' Crescent
Convergence of Time

Maison Vernon
Bostonian Elegance. Redefined.

10 Winthrop Square
Renewed Heritage

Maison Commonwealth
Live in Beauty

727 Mass Ave
Central Square, Cambridge

256-260 Newbury
Newbury Street, Boston