256 - 260 NEWBURY

256 - 260 Newbury

Located in the Back Bay Architectural District, 256 – 260 Newbury is a mixed-use development, comprised of
restaurant use at the ground level, retail at the first floor, and hotel use at levels two through five. 

256 – 260 Newbury will create one iconic property, with active, accessible and highly visible experiential retail and a unparalleled unique boutique hotel experience. The intriguing design and unique concept will create a vibrancy to this part of Newbury Street, that will draw visitors and increase the economic vitality of the area.

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Property 256-260 Newbury
Development Manager Chevron Partners
General Contractor Chevron Builders
Architect Meyer & Meyer Architects
Year 2017 - 2018

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Convergence of Time

Maison Vernon
Bostonian Elegance. Redefined.

256-260 Newbury
Newbury Street, Boston

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Renewed Heritage

727 Mass Ave
Central Square, Cambridge